So the time has come.

You’re retiring from boating (hopefully that never happens), you have your eye on something bigger or something smaller, something new or at least newer. Whatever the reason, it’s an exciting time!

First things first though, you have to sell your current vessel. Some say that the two happiest days in boating are when you buy your yacht and when you sell her. While that may be true for some we believe that parting with a vessel that has provided for great stories and great memories can be a somber experience.

Every boat has a story.

We work to get to know your boat as well as possible in the time we have getting her to market. We want to hear your story. How you have maintained her, how you have cared for her, the improvements you’ve made and how you have paid attention to every detail while under your stewardship.
Maybe you have single handed her to Alaska or have been a regular visitor to Catalina or the Channel Islands. All of these experiences are part of yours and your boat’s story. After all she has been a part of your family and will soon become a part of another family’s story.
While important, once you get past describing equipment, electronics, soft goods and general condition, it’s telling her story that helps set her apart from other boats on the market.
And maybe most importantly helps insure you get the best possible price for your vessel.